Refael-Shitruk is a firm of people who look in the clients' eyes before looking at their numbers, balance sheets and the bottom line. After we have gotten to know our clients, and discovered the complete picture, we are able to address their professional needs and offer solutions, which meet their goals, ambitions, abilities and plans

Our clients are our greatest success

Our clients stay with us for many years, and for a reason: we are a part of their processes of change, restructuring and growth. We actively accompany them while offering peace of mind, for without peace of mind, there will be no growth

Our firm is the sum of its people. Hence, we are committed to nurturing our workforce. We encourage our professionals to broaden their fields of knowledge and to refine their skills. We make sure that they do not work under excessive pressures, stress, and burdens: it's not good for us, and it's not good for our clients

Established in 1998, Refael Shitruk services a large and diverse clientele. We provide comprehensive solutions for the accounting, business, economic, tax, and financial needs of our clients, accompanying them through every step of the process