The Economic Department constitutes a home for successful businesses, and provides protection and knowledge to client’s business needs.


The economic department - hacalcalit

Hacalcalit specializes in providing advice and financial consulting to businesses and companies.

This department is made up of experienced economists, who financially accompany growing companies, provide solutions to difficulties arising as a result of misunderstandings with the banking system, or in a situation which calls for a change in cash flow management. The economists of the department go hand-in-hand with the client through a learning process, define aims and objectives, identify abilities and needs, and outline a practical plan for proper business management.

The Economic Department assists in processes such as: obtaining credits from banks, procedures of merger and acquisition, company valuations, strategic development of a vision and long-term plan. 

The department has a unique specialization in providing support and service to non-profit organizations, with regards to education in Israel, and fundraising.

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