מחלקת פרט

Managing a self employed business requires professional knowledge and a set of defined traits. This department is intended to supply the professional knowledge, guidance, and the training needed for the establishment and operation of a private account business.


self employed private businesses

The Department provides a shield for businesses. It supplies services to many private clients, including close advice from skilled and professional tax consultants.
The department ensures personal care for each client, with whom routine meetings are set twice a year. The meeting consists of tax reviews, a year-end forecast, and financial examination of the business. We establish accounting systems for small and medium sized businesses. In addition, we build business plans for purpose of receiving governmental loans and credits from banks, as well as draft annual budgets.

Our clients enjoy advantages they will not find elsewhere, including our commitment to deepen our study of the business structure, its conduct, and the possibilities at the owner’s disposal to improve his or her financial stability.  We closely accompany our clients in implementing managerial plans as well as our accounting recommendations.
Business owners regard us as their partner to their growth.  We are proud of their achievements, as if they were our own.