Our clients take on risks and devote their resources and imagination in order to evolve and grow.
We are here to fully back them in every process they are going through, to ensure that their businesses continue to flourish.

A Vision Creates Reality

We work to provide our clients with peace of mind, security and room for growth. Our firm specializes in a full range of areas to offer solutions for our clients' accounting, business and financial needs. That is what we are here for.

At Refael Shitruk, we invest in creating valuable, long-term relationships to help our clients advance and prosper. All work between the client and our firm is conducted through a dedicated contact person. One who is familiar with the client and who has up-to- date knowledge of a certain file at any given moment. Because every client is unique, work processes are constructed and tailored for each client, in order to provide the best service and the most added values. Our approach is to get an understanding of our client's business and help him and us to successfully navigate in the business world.