מחלקת ביקורת

In the past, the need for accounting audits was derived from the desire of company owners, to ensure that their bookkeepers would not conceal the firm's funds.

Today, firm owners are not the only clientele for accounting audits. Many other individuals, as well as organizations, such as banks, governmental authorities, external investors, debtors, suppliers and customers, are eager to get such service.


audit department

Managing a business requires support, and that support is our main task. We provide economic, financial and tax analysis, as well as solutions to the current and exceptional needs of managing a business.

A review by the experienced accountants of Refael Shitruk's Audit Department will provide the client an accurate professional opinion, and issue financial reports, which will truly reflect the financial state of the company being audited, the result of its operations and changes in its equity and cash flows. 

The Department is comprised of experienced accountants, who regularly keep up to date about every regulation, legislation, amendment and administrative request.