עמותות ומלכ"רים

At the foundation of non-profit organizations lies an idea, originating from a true aspiration to change the current situation, to create a project, or to initiate an activity, that will cause a change in other people’s lives.



The number of non-profit organizations in Israel is constantly rising. Managing a non-profit organization is different from managing a business, whose aim is to make profit. Non-profit organizations are subject to a different kind of public inspection (by the Registrar of Associations, in accordance to the Association Law).  

About 30,000 non-profit organizations exist today and they are supported by public finance, government grants, personal contributions, membership dues, as well as, income from assets, fees and donations.

Management of non-profit organizations with respect to its accounting is different from managing other businesses. The rules and possibilities are different and so are the accounting needs.

Therefore, it is important for managers of non-profit organizations to be assisted by professionals, who can prove their success and prestige in that field.

Accountant Doron Shitruk manages non-profit organizations on a voluntary basis, and specializes in the management of associations' management on behalf of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants. As a result, he has contributed to the firm's prestige and prominence in the area of associations and non-profit organizations.